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Siddhant Goel
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The fastest way to build a SaaS using Python 🐍

GeniePy is an industry-standard asynchronous Python boilerplate based on Starlette to kick-start your next SaaS application.

Included features:

  • Database Integration

    • App backed by PostgreSQL

    • ORM layer powered by SQLAlchemy

  • Authentication

    • User Registration, Login, Logout, Forgot password

    • Email confirmation, Email reset

    • Permissions-system for enabling user authorization

  • Stripe Payments

    • Allow users to subscribe to basic/premium plans

    • Accept recurring payments easily using Stripe

  • Emails

    • Send emails to your users using an ESP (Email Service Provider) of your choice

    • Mailjet, Mailgun, & Sendgrid support built in (easy to add more ESPs)

  • File Storage

    • Easily store flies on S3 and Google Cloud Storage, or local disk

  • Easy Deployment

    • Dockerfile

    • Deployment Configuration files for Render & Fly

  • Websockets

    • Communicate with clients in real-time using Websockets

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